What is cable bus?


Cable Bus is a power distribution system using multiple parallel conductors braced in a rigid enclosure. Each conductor is insulated and fully continuous from source to load. A standard range of cable bus systems are available from 600V to 218kV and up to 10,400 amps. However, cable bus systems are adaptable and can be constructed to suit a customer’s particular requirements.

Cable bus can be used in a wide range of utilities, industrial and municipal projects which require direct connection between a source and load. Typical applications include: datacenters, backup generators, mining, power dams, industrial, wastewater treatment, wind turbines, electrical substations, hospitals, and more.

☑ System Balance

Properly balanced systems ensure equal impedance between conductors within each phase of a cable bus system. This ensures the maximal current carrying capacity is achieved.

☑ Safety

Cable bus uses fully insulated power cables from source to load. Shock absorbers protect damage to cable insulation during short circuit. The entire system is protected by a welded aluminum enclosure.

☑ Reliability

Cable bus is 100% maintenance free and has a long service life. There are no conductor splices to torque and monitor.

☑ Quick Drawing Layout

All systems are supplied with complete layout drawings to ensure an efficient installation. Based on a customer supplied centerline sketch, layout drawing packages can be generated in the matter of 1 hour with in-house written software routines.

How does cable bus compare?

Cable bus replaces these industry alternatives

Bus Duct Cable Tray Wire in Conduit
Cable bus does not use bus bars. Instead, multiple parallel power cables are used to carry current. There are no splices in the power cables, so that cable bus is 100% maintenance free and has a longer service life than the bus duct. The same type of insulated power cables can be used in both cable tray and cable bus. Cable bus is supplied with short circuit bracing, and conductors are phase arranged for system balance. Cable tray has no short circuit rating or system balance. The cables are protected due to the full rigid enclosure. However cable bus is free air rated, where wire in conduit generally needs to be de-rated.


Cable Bus: Custom Fittings


You will never worry about making your job site suit a Superior Bus system. We build Superior Bus to suit your job site. No matter what your job site is. We design fittings to accommodate thermal expansion. Frost heave. Custom angles. These features make the cable bus system easier to install. They make it safer. They work perfectly for you because they are perfectly designed for you.

Electrical Analysis


Superior Bus is a system that is intrinsically safe. It has been optimized in every detail. We know this as an absolute fact, and it is proven by the FEA report included with every system.

The only way to build a system this efficient is by understanding and analyzing every aspect. We model the conductors, insulation, shielding, jacket, and the ventilated enclosure using a fine mesh of typically 400,000 nodes. We crunch the numbers in the same software used by NASA and the Canadian Department of National Defense. The result is a complete knowledge of the system we are delivering.

We can give you a system with better overall performance in every measurable way. The current carrying capacity can be improved by at least 25%. Voltage drop will be reduced by up to 50%. The system will run up to 5°C cooler. And it is safer – the short circuit forces are several times lower.

Cable Bus System Layout


A customized layout comes with every Superior Bus system. This product has already been installed in every environment imaginable. With this in-depth knowledge, we design a layout with everything you could possibly need for an easy installation.

And when it comes to cable bus installations, we know that unexpected things can sometimes happen. We are a one-stop company dedicated to the successful installation of your project. We are ready to make rapid changes when you require them.

Cable Bus Bracing


We defined a long list of features. Our engineers met every one of them. It only took completely reinventing the manufacturing process, but the result is a cable bracing system unlike any other.

Every cable is surrounded by a shock absorber and mounted within an extremely rigid support system. This prevents damage to the cable insulation during a short circuit event. Ultra low friction allows for easy installation and thermal expansion. The whole package is fire retardant, sunlight resistant, and incredibly strong.

Continuous Conductors


In any electrical system, splices are a point of failure. This is a point of failure you will never find in a Superior Bus system. Our continuous insulated power cables travel from source to load, without any splices. Not only does this dramatically improve the system uptime, but it contributes to the long service life of the system.

Unmatched Flexibility


The flexibility of Superior Bus makes the system incredibly fast and easy to install. The system is lightweight and can be installed by just 2 people. It can be easily cut on site and it does not need precise alignment to connect with other equipment. You can install Superior Bus where other systems could never fit.

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Get started with reference figures and dimensions of typical cable bus systems. 600V to 15kV are tabulated. 35kV, 69kV and higher are possible based on project requirements.


Superior Bus is a highly optimized system. The lowest voltage drop. Extremely compact. Rapid Installation. Find out how a Superior Bus system can be designed for you.