We know your clients have high expectations and tight deadlines. That’s why Econo Bus is a completely off-the-shelf cable support system, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. For small contractors, it’s the best way to make sure cable bus installations happen on schedule. Expedited delivery is available on our full catalogue of components.

Dry Seal System

Econo Bus Dry Seal can be used anywhere a water and dust tight seal is required. The components can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. And everything is available off the shelf with zero lead time.

Mount plates come in a wide range of sizes. They ship pre drilled and tapped. Seals and gaskets made of injection moulded rubber are available for all common cable diameters. There is no sealant required and no drying time.

Code Compliance

Meeting electrical code requirements is a must, and it has never been more straightforward than with Econo Bus. Short circuit bracing, proper phase arrangement, and adequate ventilation are all fundamental features of the design.

Made of a fire-rated material which is sunlight resistant, Econo Bus is suitable for installation in the toughest environments. Peace of mind for you, and your clients, all at a minimal cost.

Ease of Installation

Econo Bus is a simple and rapid method of supporting power cables. It can be wall mounted, installed in cable tray, and mounted directly to unistrut. Never strap down individual cables again. Econo bus is faster to install, and will not damage cable insulation in a short circuit event. Extra rows of cables can be stacked vertically, allowing for the possibility of future expansion. At the same time, Econo Bus is able to maintain the spacing requirements for free air ventilation.