Integrated Walkway

Dual purpose system


Often the need for a power feeder system coincides with the need for a maintenance walkway. Our engineers designed the Integrated Walkway to serve this role. We will work with your design team during every aspect of planning and engineering, resulting in an Integrated Walkway that perfectly meets your needs. These exclusive systems merge a high traction aluminum decking with an enclosure for electrical, gas, steam, or water lines.


Visual Appeal

All aluminum construction

Integrated Walkway Cable Bus

Integrated walkway is a low maintenance system with a 99 year design lifetime. The aluminum construction will not rust, and there is no need to paint it as would be required with steel. The decking has a minimum bending radius of 400m to smoothly follow transit lines. The decking also covers all process lines to keep them fully out of sight.



System Safety

Giving you peace of mind

Integrated Walkway Cable Bus

You can always rely on Integrated Walkway, even under extreme conditions. Seismic bracing and expansion joints are fundamental design features. All systems are fully grounded and bonded. Solid top covers are used in case of fire or flame over. And the decking tread grip has passed slip resistance tests with a rating of BPN 55.



Success story

Vancouver's Canada Line Rapid Transit

Integrated Walkway Cable Bus

The Canada Line is an automated rail-based transit service running from Downtown Vancouver with service to Vancouver International Airport. We designed and supplied approximately 19km of maintenance Integrated Walkways for the elevated and at-grade segments of the Canada Line Rapid Transit Project. This design not only minimized material costs but also was light, durable and simple to install, further reducing costs by drastically saving on labour.